Week 43 (December 11 - 17)

December 11, 2000

December 11, 2010
Costco receipt for Christmas tree,
pieces of trunk we had to saw off,
small piece of broken saw blade

December 12, 2000

December 12, 2010
broken Christmas lights

December 13, 2000

December 13, 2010
old felt sticky bottoms from the 
bottom of dinning room chairs - 
fell off when cleaning

December 14, 2000

December 14, 2010
Five Guys receipt - had lunch with 
Dwight in the middle of the week

December 15, 2000

December 15, 2010
twine from tying up Christmas 
wreath on front door

December 16, 2000

December 16, 2010
zipper pull broke off my new purse

December 17, 2000

December 17, 2010
Cracker Jack's miniature golf card,
drew Ariel and Lucie's names to drive
GS Brownies to party at Cracker Jack's

Week 42 (December 4 - 10)

December 4, 2000

December 4, 2010
Polly Pockets tag?

December 5, 2000

December 5, 2000 opened

December 5, 2010
3 masking tape labels I removed from
old ceramic pieces that were entered in
a show when I lived in MI - we were 
moving stuff around for new carpeting

December 6, 2000

December 6, 2010
Art Masterpiece label - helped in 
2nd grade, piece of new carpet

December 7, 2000

December 7, 2000 
opened once

December 7, 2000
opened twice

December 7, 2010
AVIA hiking tread

December 8, 2000

December 8, 2010
2 hiking treads, button

December 9, 2000

December 9, 2010
tag from new purse, brown leather
zipper pull from old purse, white wood
stuff from Maya's wicker laundry hamper

December 10, 2000

December 10, 2010
piece of black plastic?, 
orange circle hiking tread

Week 41 (November 27 - December 3)

It is March 3, 2012. I am not done with this blog! In fact I am only on Week 41 out of 52. I have 12 weeks to go. The blog was supposed to be completed by February 19, 2012, one year after I started it. It was also supposed to be published every week coinciding with the current week. Obviously this did not happen. Throughout the year of doing the blog I found it very difficult to keep up with it week to week. Some weeks I was right on time, others I fell behind. In November I fell about 3 weeks behind and I was desperately trying to catch up before the mad rush of what December always brings. I think I published 3 weeks in the last few days of November when I was home sick with strep throat. I thought I was doing great and was finally catching up! Then on the morning of December 3, while I was working on publishing the current week, my computer died. Not just temporarily died, really dead! No hard drive and 2 weeks of work lost. (We now back up every night!) It was a slow process of acknowledging what really just happened and remembering what I had done, and then in reality lost and had to redo.

For my own sanity at the time, I had to let the blog go. I got through December and all its craziness of the holidays and was frantically trying to finish a public art project too. I thought about restarting the blog at the New Year, but the public art project that was originally suppose to be done by December 31 was extended until January 31. This was good for the public art project, but not good for me returning to my blog. During the month of January, I also lost my grandma. She passed away at the age of 91. She lived a long full life, but it is always hard to say goodbye. I flew to Columbus, Ohio and cried, remembered, and laughed a lot with my family. Losing my grandma really put losing my hard drive into perspective. Life is really precious! Each day has significance.

The public art project was completed on January 31. As for February, I recuperated, reenergized, and regrouped. It’s March and I’m ready to go. I WILL FINISH THIS BLOG! It just is not going to be in the way that I originally planned it to be, and it obviously will not coincide with the current calendar any more. The blog is ultimately about life and everyday occurrences. Sometimes life gets in the way. Life also goes on. Here we go again.......

November 27, 2000

November 27, 2010
leaf, burr, split rock, all from walk
in woods at Steve & Jen's

November 28, 2000

November 28, 2000 opened

November 28, 2010
straw that we used to play with 
Boo & Bebe, pudding & chocolate 
cake mix that Maya and Lyn made

November 29, 2000

November 29, 2010
3 plane tickets home, Allegiant air tag,
pink tag from carry ons, Cheesecake 
Factory napkin, parking receipt

November 30, 2000

November 30, 2000 opened

November, 30, 2010
suitcase parts from suitcase handle 
that I fixed, receipt from Maya's
first day at gymnastics

December 1, 2000

December 1, 2000 
opened once

December 1, 2000
opened twice

December 1, 2010
part of a 2011 religious calendar that
Stan gave us hiking, receipt from
Paradise Bakery for lunch,
receipt from paying for Maya's dance class,
Girl Scout cookie meeting at night

December 2, 2000

December 2, 2010
wrapping paper

December 3, 2000

December 3, 2010
helped at a GS Brownie meeting,
they made t-shirts with this design on them